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Disclaimer: The Sea Level Rise (SLR) map shows the most extreme level of SLR possible. It is a very, very unlikely scenario that would only occur if no efforts to address SLR occur and both a King Tide and 100-year storm occur at the same time. The real purpose of the maps is to provide a broad net to help the City identify projects that that may be vulnerable. The data is based on what was in the ground as of 2010 and doesn’t include piers.
The inundation maps and the associated analyses are intended as planning level tools to illustrate the potential for inundation and coastal flooding under a variety of future sea level rise and storm surge scenarios. The maps depict possible future inundation that could occur if nothing is done to adapt or prepare for sea level rise over the next century. The maps do not represent the exact location or depth of flooding. The maps relied on a 1-m digital elevation model created from LiDAR data collected in 2010 and 2011. Although care was taken to capture all relevant topographic features and coastal structures that may impact coastal inundation, it is possible that structures narrower than the 1-m horizontal map scale may not be fully represented. The maps are based on model outputs and do not account for all of the complex and dynamic San Francisco Bay processes or future conditions such as erosion, subsidence, future construction or shoreline protection upgrades, or other changes to San Francisco Bay or the region that may occur in response to sea level rise. For more context about the maps and analyses, including a description of the data and methods used, please see the Climate Stressors and Impacts Report: Bayside Sea Level Rise Inundation Mapping Technical Memorandum, July 2014.

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