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Land Use 2020
Land use categories for every parcel in San Francisco. The land use categories are derived from a range of City and commercial databases. Where building square footages were missing from these databases they were derived from a LIDAR survey flown in 2007.

Land use categories are as follows (units are square feet):
CIE = Cultural, Institutional, Educational
MED = Medical
MIPS = Office (Management, Information, Professional Services)
MIXED = Mixed Uses (Without Residential)
MIXRES = Mixed Uses (With Residential)
PDR = Industrial (Production, Distribution, Repair)
RETAIL/ENT = Retail, Entertainment
RESIDENT = Residential
VISITOR = Hotels/Motels
VACANT = Vacant
ROW = Right-of-Way
OPENSPACE = Open Space

Other attributes are:
RESUNITS = Residential Units
BLDGSQFT = Square footage data
YRBUILT = year built
TOTAL_USES = Business points from Dun & Bradstreet were spatially aggregated to the closest parcel, and this field is the sum of the square footage fields
The subsequent fields (CIE, MED, MIPS, RETAIL, PDER & VISITOR) were derived using the NAICS codes supplied in the Dun & Bradstreet dataset, and the previous TOTAL_USES column.

RESIDENTIAL:Housing--from single family to multifamily to high-rise apartment complexes.
CIE - CULTURAL, INDUSTRIAL, EDUCATIONAL:Any cultural, institutional, medical or educational place such as a museum, zoo, hospital, medical center, college, theatre, social service, or membership organization.
MIPS (generally for offices):Management, information, and professional activities such as finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE), business, legal, and public administration.
RETAIL/ENT(Retail/Entertainment)Shopping and direct consumer services, amusement, recreation and personal services, restaurants and bars -- from neighborhood-serving to region-serving.
PDR (Production/Distribution/Repair):Wholesale trade, showrooms, manufacturing and materials processing, warehousing, repair, businesses, construction, transportation, communications, utilities.
VISITOR:Hotels and motels.PUBLIC:Publicly owned parks, recreation, and open spaces, as well as some highway right of ways.
VACANT:An empty or undeveloped lot.
MIXED USES:Combined uses, such as office and retail, industrial-retail-entertainment, or industrial and office, etc. where no one use predominates.
MIXEDRES (Residential Mixed):Mostly housing with one or more other use (office, retail, industrial)on the ground floor).

The determining factor for a parcel's LANDUSE is if the square footage of any non-residential use is 80% or more of its total uses. Otherwise it becomes MIXED.

In the case where RESIDENT use has some square footage of non-residential use, this is mainly accessory uses such as home businesses, freelancers, etc.

Last updated: 2020

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