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| A. PURPOSE | This feature class was first created as part of the SFMTA On Street Car Share Pilot Program (approved by the MTA Board in July 2013) to illustrate the location of implemented and planned (various stages) spaces throughout the city.
| B. METHODOLOGY | The locations were originally provided to the MTA as requests by the three car share organizations (CSOs). These were given as a .kml file, which was converted to a .shp. Additional fields were created using spatial joins (zipcode, supervisor district, CNN, etc). Use definition query tool to display those locations with a certain attribute. For example, query Existing = 1 to display those locations that are on street operating. 500 submissions were given by CSOs to the MTA, but only a portion of those were brought to the MTA Board for approval, and even fewer were implemented as operational on street spaces. With no definition query, you can see all spaces as features, with varying levels of data completion.
| C. UPDATE FREQUENCY | During periods of implementation/construction, updates were as frequent as daily or weekly. However, as the frequency of newly implemented spaces slowed over the course of the pilot, updates occured less frequently--weekly or monthly. Updates will be needed as new spaces are implemented--many of the spaces not taken past MTA Board approval have incomplete data.
| D. OTHER CRITICAL INFO | Each feature (or each row, or point) represents a single car share parking space. Some parking spaces belong to a "pod" where there are two adjacent car share parking spaces, indicated by the "PodType" field. To summarize or analyze by pod, use the "POD" field.
| E. ATTRIBUTES | Space ID: Unique identifier for the on-street car sharing space (refers to the CSO and location of the space request, where City CarShare begins with C; Getaround with G; Zipcar with Z. All numbers are three digits); INTERSXN: The nearest intersection to the car share space (this is included for ease of discussion (e.g. this space is at Grove and Ashbury, instead of using a nominal address); INFO: Space request submission provided by CSOs. (space requests with a public hearing date have descriptions written under the public hearing structure, space requests without a public hearing date still have either general descriptions or no description yet provided by the CSOs); CSO: Specifies which CSO requested the space--either City CarShare, Getaround or Zipcar;EXISTING: Notes whether the space request is existing and in operation (0: not existing, 1: existing); ST_NAME: indicates the name of the street the space is on; ST_TYPE: indicates the type of street;STREETNAME: indicates the name plus street type; ADDRANGE: indicates the address range of the street segment on which the space is located; ADDRESS: indicates the nearest nominal address; SPACE_TYPE: indicates whether the space is metered or unmetered;POST_ID: if the space is metered, indicates the meter post ID;POD: the address with the number of spaces in the pod (either (2), or " ", for one car pods);DATESUBMIT: Date of space request submission; PH_DATE: date of public hearing for space; TASC_DATE: date the space went to TASC; MTAB_DATE: date the space was heard by the MTA Board; APPROVAL: indicates approval by MTA Board or not (" ");WO_LOG_NO: indicates the shop crew work order log number (this number is attached to the work order sent to the sign. meter, paint shops necessary for constructing/installing the space); WO_ROUND: Work orders for spaces were sent to shops in batches (this number indicates which work order set the space fell into);WO_COMPLET: indicates the work order is complete or not; OPER_DATE: indicates the operational date of the space (this acts as the billing date for invoicing purposes); DATEMODIFY: date of modification; EDITEDBY: automatic track of last user to edit; CREATED_US: user who created the feature; CREATED_DA: date of creation; LAST_EDITED; date of last edit; CONFLICT: indicates a conflict;FLAG_NOTE: a note about conflict or other note; POINT_X: longitude;POINT_Y: latitude; CNN_seg: street segment CNN nearest to the space;CNN_intxn: intersection CNN nearest to the space; SUPDSTRICT: the supervisor district the space is located; SUPNAME: the name of the supervisor overseeing the district the space is located; PriceZone: the pricing zone the space falls in; ZIPCODE: the zip code the space falls in; NHOOD: the space the neighborhood falls in; PodType: whether the space is part of a double or single space pod

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