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| A. PURPOSE | Location, cap color and other key attributes of parking meters in San Francisco for operational and planning purposes. Does not include operating schedules or rate schedules.
| B. METHODOLOGY | Updated via the SFpark data warehouse (Parking Space Inventory) by meter shop staff, with manual updates sourced from SFMTA CAD drawings and MTAB resolutions.
| C. UPDATE FREQUENCY | Updated weekly.
| D. OTHER CRITICAL INFO | Meter operating and rate schedules are more complex and available as separate tables. Key field for joining is the Parking Space ID field.
| E. ATTRIBUTES | POST_ID: Unique identifier of meter;MS_ID: Unique identifier of multi‐space meter paystation;MS_SPACEID: Space number for a space located at multi‐space meter;CAP_COLOR: Cap color describes the use and restrictions of the meter--Black - Motorcycle parking,Brown - Tour bus parking,Green - Short term parking,Grey - General metered parking,Purple - Boat trailer parking,Red - Six wheeled commercial vehicle parking,Yellow - Commercial vehicle parking;OLD_RATE_A: Hourly rate zone of the meter; some variations within each zone--Area 1 - Downtown primarily $3.50,Area 2 -Surrounding downtown primarily $3.00,Area 3 -Residential neighborhood primarily $2.00,Area 5 -SFpark area variable rates ranging from $0.25 to $6.00,MC1 -Motorcycle in Area 1 primarily $0.70,MC2 -Motorcycle in Area 2 primarily $0.60,MC3 -Motorcycle in Area 3 primarily $0.40,MC5 -Motorcycle in SFpark area variable rates ranging from $0.25 to $6.00,Port 1 -Port‐owned at Fisherman’s Wharf $2.50,Port 2 -Port‐owned at Fisherman’s Wharf $2.50,Port 3 -Port‐owned at North Embarcadero $2.00,Port 4 -Port‐owned at North Embarcadero $2.00,Port 5 -Port‐owned at Downtown $3.00,Port 6 -Port‐owned at Downtown $3.00,Port 7 -Port‐owned at Downtown $3.00,Port 8 -Port‐owned at Downtown $3.00,Port 9 -Port‐owned at South Embarcadero $1.00,Port 10 -Port‐owned at South Embarcadero $1.00,Port 11 -Port‐owned at South Embarcadero $1.00,Port 12 -Port‐owned at South Embarcadero $1.00,PortMC1 -Port‐owned motorcycle rate $0.25,PortMC2 -Port‐owned motorcycle rate at Ferry Building $0.50,Tour Bus - $9.00 for two hours;METER_TYPE: How many spaces the meter manages-SS - Single‐space,MS - Multi‐space;SENSOR_FLA: If there was an active occupancy sensor located at the space during the SFpark pilot (until Dec 2013)--N- No,Y - Yes;ON_OFF_STR: Whether the space is on the street or off‐street, e.g. metered parking lot--OFF Off‐street,ON On‐street;OSP_ID: Unique identifier of SFMTA‐owned off‐street parking space--Null - Meter located on‐street,890 - Pier 48 Lot,891 - Pier 52 Lot,892 - Pier 1/2 Motorcycle Lot,901 - 24th and Capp Lot,902 - California and Steiner Lot,903 - 8th and Clement Lot,904 - 9th and Clement Lot,905 - Castro Theater Lot,906 - 18th and Collingwood Lot,907 - Mission and Norton Lot,908 - 21st and Geary Lot,909 - 18th and Geary Lot,910 - 20th and Irving Lot,911 - 8th and Irving Lot,913 - 7th and Irving Lot,914 - Junipero Serra and Ocean Lot,915 - 19th and Ocean Lot,916 - Pierce Street Garage,918 - 24th and Noe Lot,919 - Felton and San Bruno Lot,920 - SF General Hospital Lot,922 - West Portal Lot,923 - Claremont and Ulloa Lot,924 - Phelan Loop Lot;JURISDICTI: Agency which manages the meter--PORT - Port of San Francisco,SFMTA - San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency;PM_DISTRIC: Parking Management District ID;BLOCKFACE_: Blockface (side of street) ID;ACTIVE_MET: Status of meter--M - Active,T - Temporarily inactive;METER_VEND: Meter vendor;METER_MODE: Meter model;PARKING_SP: Parking Space ID, connected to the physical location rather than the meter;STREET_ID: Street ID;STREET_NUM: Approximate street number of the meter;STREETNAME: Name of the street the meter is located on;STREET_SEG: Unique identifier of street centerline segment where the meter is located;LAT: Latitude of the meter;LONG: Longitude of the meter

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