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COVID-19 Vaccinations in San Francisco

Vaccination data used in these dashboards are from the California Immunization Registry (CAIR2). There may be frequent fluctuations and delays with daily refreshes as the state continues to make improvements to their data systems. Additionally, when CAIR2 is down these data may not be updated every day. 
The vaccine is one of the most important ways to end the pandemic. Research shows they are highly effective and safe. Get vaccinated when it’s your turn to protect your health, your loved ones, and your community. If you have not received a vaccine you can do your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep others safe by staying homestaying 6 feet apart while outside, and wearing a face covering.
Vaccine supplies are limited. San Francisco is following the State's plan to prioritize vulnerable groups. Vaccines are expected to be available to everyone by the end of 2021. Some vaccines require two doses over several weeks; others can be administered in a single dose.

Want to know when and where you can get vaccinated? Visit sf.gov/covid-19-vaccine-san-francisco to learn more.

Vaccinating San Francisco Residents

The dashboard below shows the number of people who live in San Francisco and have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of where they received their vaccinations. People who do not live in San Francisco are not included.

Vaccine supplies received and administered

San Franciscans access vaccines through many providers. The federal government manages national vaccine distribution to states. California state government allocates vaccines to large healthcare organizations that serve multiple counties, and to local agencies like San Francisco's Department of Public Health. 
The City is partnering with healthcare providers to operate vaccine sites for the general public. Supply is limited, and you may not be able to book an appointment, even if you are eligible.  
SFDPH is committed to using its limited supply of vaccines to support our most vulnerable communities. That includes expanding access in neighborhoods that are most impacted by COVID-19 and historically underserved by private and public healthcare systems. 
The dashboard below shows:
  • The estimated number of doses received by providers operating in San Francisco; and
  • The estimated number of doses administered by providers operating in San Francisco (including to non-San Franciscans).
Click the [Date Notes] button at the top of the dashboard to learn more. 
April 20 Update: Due to the switch to a new database from the State, some some values below may be incorrect. The SFDPH continues to monitor and update these errors.

April 2021 Website & Data Changes:

  • The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) re-organized the vaccination data page, splitting the current page into multiple pages. The re-design will increase accessibility.
  • Census data will use updated 2019 5-year estimates from the American Community Survey. As a result, population totals, race/ethnicity totals, and age totals may all change.
  • The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) will be using improved methodology for estimating vaccinations by race/ethnicity. As a result, some numbers may change from the previous page and these totals may differ from what the State reports.
  • The State will be implementing an improved version of the California Immunization Registry (CAIR2). As a result, total patients and total doses administered may change. These changes may fluctuate throughout April 2021 as the State continues to improve the dataset.