Citywide Food Support Programs

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, one in four San Franciscans lacked reliable access to healthy food . The current public health crisis has made it even more difficult for many people to afford and safely purchase nutritious meals. Now more than ever, San Francisco’s most vulnerable residents need nutritional support from the City and its community partners.
Throughout this crisis, one of our primary goals has been to ensure San Franciscans can access food while protecting themselves and their families from exposure to the virus. To meet this goal, we have expanded our existing services and launched brand new programs and partnerships to reach residents with the greatest risk of hunger and with the highest health risks.
The City partners with dozens of private and community-run organizations who work tirelessly to provide food to our communities. The City supports their efforts in a variety of ways, including funding, supplies, transportation, and staffing. Below you will find data on some of the key City-supported programs. We will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available.
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Expanding Food Programs during COVID-19

San Francisco is fortunate to have a robust food support system that quickly responded to COVID-19. Public benefit programs, like CalFresh and WIC (Women, Infants, & Children), help thousands of low-income individuals and families access food each year by providing benefits to purchase groceries and receive nutritious meals. Many other residents are supported by our diverse network of community partners across the City’s neighborhoods and communities.
We have worked closely with our partners to make these programs more responsive to the unique challenges that COVID-19 presents, such as transitioning to grab-and-go meals and providing multiple days’ worth of food to minimize touchpoints.
Four essential food programs and their dynamic response to COVID-19 are highlighted below. Click the buttons at the top of the dashboard to find out more about each program. Data will updated weekly.

New Food Programs Created for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new food security challenges, and the City developed new food programs and partnerships to address these needs. Three of these efforts are highlighted below, including support for food insecure households during isolation or quarantine, a new innovative program that provides restaurant meals for older adults at home, and delivery of meals to people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Click the buttons at the top of the dashboard to find out more about each program.