COVID-19 Alternative Housing:
Essential Workers

The City’s response to COVID-19 includes establishing the COVID-19 Alternative Housing Program to provide emergency, temporary housing and shelter options for individuals who are directly affected by the coronavirus, or who are at high risk of adverse impacts if they contract the virus. To help prevent community spread of the virus, the City is also providing temporary hotels to individuals who work outside of their homes and live in neighborhoods with higher COVID-19 rates.
The City operates two COVID-19 Alternative Housing Programs for workers: Front Line Worker Housing and High Risk Community Housing.

Front Line Worker Housing

San Francisco’s Front Line Worker Housing Program provides hotel accommodations to City workers and partner organizations who are directly impacted by or face greater exposure to COVID-19 while performing essential duties. The goal of the program is to help prevent community spread of the virus among first responders and front-line workers and to provide respite for those who may be working extended hours or commuting long distances. Workers may be healthy and seeking a two-week respite period, or may be COVID-positive or a person under investigation (PUI) and seeking a room for isolation or quarantine.

High Risk Community Housing

San Francisco workers put themselves and their families at risk to keep services and businesses operating during the COVID-19 public health emergency. To help keep working community members and their families safe, the San Francisco High Risk Community Housing Program provides complimentary hotel accommodations to San Francisco residents living with others in neighborhoods with higher COVID-19 infection rates. The goal of the program is to help prevent community spread of the virus while San Franciscans are working outside of the home.
This program is available for workers who live with household members in a home, apartment, condominium, supportive housing unit, or single room occupancy hotel, and who work outside the home. Workers can apply for themselves or a vulnerable household member for whom they want to reduce exposure to COVID-19.
For more information on the High-Risk Community Housing Program, go to or call 311.

Demographics Information

The data below provides demographic information for individuals accessing the Front Line Worker Housing program. The demographics data on the High Risk Community Housing Program is coming soon. Use the filters to explore key information about participants in each program.