COVID-19 Cases and Deaths

In order to monitor how the COVID-19 virus is spreading in our community, San Francisco public health officials are closely tracking the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, the total number of COVID-19 deaths, and the 7-day average of new cases confirmed each day. All of this data is shown below. All data show below are provided by the San Francisco Department of Public Health.
Testing impacts case counts
Due to limited testing capacity, the information reported below represents only a small sample of the likely total COVID-19 cases in San Francisco. However, citywide testing capacity and access have been expanding over time. Our increased testing availability is expected to increase the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases reported. Learn more about getting tested in San Francisco.
Other sources of data and information
To get data and information about the COVID-19 response for the state or national level, visit the links below:

Known Underreporting of Data: Due to state-wide reporting issues, California counties are not receiving complete testing data. Cases and tests are currently underreported while the issue is resolved. Learn more.
Cumulative Cases and Deaths
The total cumulative number of cases and deaths are shown below. Case information is based on confirmed positive laboratory tests reported to the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Cases are shown on the graph by the date the positive test was collected. Deaths are reported by medical providers and the medical examiner. 
In order to account for the time to process tests and validate the data, cases and deaths data may be delayed. The most recent days may be updated as more cases are confirmed. All data will be updated as more information becomes available. Learn more about this update process.
New Cases
In addition to the total number of confirmed COVID cases, the San Francisco Public Health Department is also tracking the number of new cases confirmed each day. This information can help show how quickly the virus is spreading, although it may also reflect changes in testing availability or focused testing initiatives. All public health orders are aimed at preventing new COVID-19 cases and to ensure that medical systems have the capacity to treat everyone who needs medical care.  
You can do your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep others safe by complying with all health orders (staying homestaying 6 feet apart while outside, and wearing a face covering). Learn more about everything the City is doing to keep San Francisco safe at, or read the current health orders on the SFDPH website.