COVID-19 Data and Reports

San Francisco’s response to the coronavirus emergency is grounded in data, science and facts. Data are an important tool to help San Franciscans see the whole picture of coronavirus in our community. It can help us all do our part and see over time how the situation is changing.
We are committed to providing accurate, reliable reports to the public. Additional data will be added over time. The information presented here is updated daily and is dependent on reporting by numerous agencies across the City and outside partners. Please read the notes in each tracker to understand any limitations in reporting.
Some early milestones in San Francisco listed below:

Data and Reports by Topic

The following series of data trackers show the impact of COVID-19 on San Francisco over time. This collection of resources will expand as additional data and information becomes available.

Public Health

Key Public Health Indicators

Key indicators that inform the safer and gradual re-opening of San Francisco.

*NEW!* COVID-19 Vaccinations

Track the number of people who live in San Francisco who have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine and the number of doses administered within San Francisco to anyone.

COVID-19 Cases and Deaths

New cases confirmed per day and the cumulative number of positive cases and deaths over time.

Population Characteristics

Information on age, gender, sexual orientation, underlying conditions, and homelessness for cases and deaths associated with COVID-19.

COVID-19 Cases by Race/Ethnicity

Information on race/ethnicity for cases and deaths associated with COVID-19.

Maps of COVID-19 Cases

Maps showing confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and rate of cases by population size in San Francisco by neighborhood and Census tract.

Laboratory Testing

The daily number of COVID-19 tests reported to SFDPH and the proportion of positive test results.


The number of hospitalized patients in San Francisco who either have confirmed COVID-19 or are awaiting test results.

Hospital Capacity

A snapshot of bed capacity across all San Francisco acute care hospitals.

Case Investigation & Contact Tracing

Learn more about how contact tracing works. Track the percentage of positive cases and identified close contacts who test positive for COVID-19 after being interviewed by the team.

COVID-19 in SROs

New cases confirmed per day and the cumulative number of positive cases and deaths over time for residents of Single Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings. 

COVID-19 in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

New cases confirmed per day and the cumulative number of positive cases and deaths over time for residents of Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs). 

Social Services

COVID-19 Alternative Shelter

Information about the City’s COVID-19 Alternative Shelter Program, which provides emergency, temporary shelter options for individuals who are experiencing homelessness, or who are confirmed or suspected COVID-19 positive and do not have a place to safely isolate.

*NEW!* COVID-19 Alternative Shelter:
Rehousing Guests

Learn more about the Rehousing efforts: as the City moves from response to recovery, guests in the temporary shelter-in-place (SIP) hotels described in the page above (COVID-19 Alternative Shelter) will be supported through an urgent and unprecedented rehousing effort.

Citywide Food Support

Learn more about how the City has expanded support of existing food support programs and launched brand new partnerships to reach residents with the greatest risk of hunger and with the highest health risks.

Neighborhood Plans

Tenderloin Plan

High-level measures and data related to the implementation of the Tenderloin Neighborhood Plan for COVID-19.


School Reopening

A dashboard to show the reopening status of schools that have submitted a letter of interest to reopen for in-person instruction.

COVID-19 Cases in Schools

Data on cases among students and staff at school sites that have reopened for in-person instruction.