School Reopening

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, most San Francisco schools have offered distance learning instead of in-person instruction to help reduce the spread of the virus throughout the community. During this time, children and youth with the highest needs have been supported by the Community Hubs Initiative, and many students have participated in after-school programs, in-person camps, and other learning and development opportunities with safety plans in place. Enabling more children to return to their classrooms and to other in-person learning and development programs is among the City’s top priorities.
As state reopening guidelines and local COVID-19 indicators permit, San Francisco schools may resume in-person instruction with approved safety plans in place. Schools will work with the San Francisco Department of Public Heath (SFDPH) to meet all the requirements for the safest re-opening. The dashboard below identifies the schools that have begun this process by sending an initial letter of interest to SFDPH to reopen, and it shows where each school is in the process.
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School reopening process
On September 4, 2020, SFDPH provided an overview of the reopening process to San Francisco TK-12 schools (transitional kindergarten through 12th grade). Our reopening process prioritizes the reopening of younger grades for in-person learning this fall. Learn more about the reopening process and timeline.
In order to reopen for in-person instruction, TK-12 schools must:
  1. Submit a letter of interest to SFDPH,
  2. Complete an application with a safety and health plan,
  3. Undergo a desktop review of application, 
  4. Undergo a review of their facilities,
  5. Request a site assessment,
  6. Undergo a site assessment, and
  7. Receive an SFDPH decision letter.
Because of San Francisco's shifting status in the State's colored tier system, some K-6 schools needed a waiver from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to reopen indoors, and some schools may be restricted to outdoor learning. This indoor/outdoor distinction is dependent on State policy and is not reflective of differences in the schools' in-person reopening plan or SFDPH's approval. If San Francisco changes tiers, these approvals may change.
San Francisco Unified School District schools (SFUSD, public schools) have begun the process to reopen certain schools for specific student populations. See these schools in the dashboard above, and learn more about SFUSD’s reopening plan on their website.

Safety standards
All San Francisco schools must meet the minimum standards defined in both state guidance and SFDPH's health directive on school reopening before resuming in-person learning. This includes providing detailed plans on how they will ensure adequate testing and contact tracing for their staff and students.
Read SFDPH's health directive and other related guidance for more information.

Data notes
Data shown above is updated daily by 9:00am.
The most up-to-date information is shown above, and school statuses are subject to change daily.