Map of Cases by Zip Code

This map shows confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and rate of cases by population size in San Francisco organized by zip code.  The presentation of the data does not inherently make any zip code or neighborhood more or less safe than any other area in the city. As the number of cases are small as compared to San Francisco’s population, any increase in the number of tests conducted in any one zip code area will greatly influence zip code case counts and rates.
The map is a simple reporting tool and cannot be used to determine why there are more cases in some areas than others. San Franciscans are strongly advised to continue taking all precautions to protect themselves and others by complying with health orders and recommendations.
Neighborhood Disparities: Some key risk factors influencing COVID-19 transmission include whether people live in crowded homes or whether they have limited ability to reduce their outings. Preexisting health and income disparities that have been studied extensively by SFDPH are also contributing major risk factors. 
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Note: The number of cases displayed on the map will not add up to the total number of cases in the city because we do not have addresses for all confirmed cases. The map is updated daily and data are added as more information becomes available.