COVID-19 Laboratory Testing

Testing for COVID-19 is a critical part of San Francisco's response. Testing enables the City to accurately estimate the number of COVID-19 cases and begin contact tracing to prevent the spread of the virus in our community. Therefore, the number of tests collected tells us if we are succeeding in our efforts to prevent infections and where more work is needed to protect the community. 
COVID-19 testing is available for free to any San Francisco resident with symptoms or anyone who leaves their home to work in San Francisco (with or without symptoms), especially those who are uninsured or have barriers to healthcare. We encourage anyone with health insurance to contact their provider for a test appointment. Learn more about getting tested.

Tests Collected & Percent Positive 

Total tests as shown below include tests with a positive, negative or indeterminate result. Indeterminate results are not included in the calculation of the positivity rate.  
The positivity rate is the percentage of all tests (negative and positive) that come back positive for COVID-19. This positivity rate helps measure the severity of COVID-19 in San Francisco and can help us make informed decisions about how the virus is spreading and if we are testing enough in our community.  
Due to the high degree of variation in the time needed to complete tests by different labs, there is a delay in this reporting. Learn more.
Total positive test results is not equal to the total number of COVID-19 cases in San Francisco 
Each positive test result is investigated. During this investigation, some test results are found to be for persons living outside of San Francisco and some are duplicates of previously received results. These are subsequently removed and are not included in the total San Francisco COVID-19 case count. Additionally, investigation of positive test results might not be completed on the day of receipt; new cases will be added to the total case count after full investigation and verification. 
Source data: COVID-19 Tests