Hospital Capacity

Tracking hospital capacity enables public health officials to gauge the ability of our health care system to treat severe cases of COVID-19 and handle a potential surge of patients. Data shown below is a snapshot of bed capacity across all San Francisco acute care hospitals. Because these data fluctuate on a daily basis due to patient transfers, test results, discharges, and deaths, they are only accurate at the moment hospitals provide the data. 
Over the course of the pandemic, San Francisco has provided mutual aid to other counties by providing hospital care for COVID-19 patients transferred here from areas that have more limited hospital resources. San Francisco is able to meet this need for mutual aid because of how our City, our healthcare system, and our residents have responded to the COVID-19 crisis.
When reporting certain metrics, such as the number of cases in San Francisco, transferred patients are not counted in the totals since they do not reflect the actual transmission of COVID-19 in San Francisco. However, they are counted in the hospital capacity metrics below since they using available hospital resources.
Data Notes: Acute Care beds treat patients with illnesses and injuries including recovery from surgeries. ICU beds are for sicker patients in need of critical and life support services that can include the use of a ventilator. Surge beds are the additional beds available to handle an influx of COVID-19 patients. 
Patients categorized as COVID-19 below include those who either tested positive or are awaiting test results at the time the data was reported. “Other patients” include non-COVID-19 patients who are hospitalized for other reasons. 
Patients hospitalized at Laguna Honda Hospital and Kentfield Hospital San Francisco are excluded from the overall bed count since those sites neither admit acute patients nor have ICU beds.