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<strong>A. SUMMARY</strong> This dataset represents San Francisco COVID-19 positive confirmed cases by specimen collection date. Cases are included on the date the positive test was collected (the specimen collection date). Data is lagged by five days, meaning the most recent specimen collection date included is 5 days prior to today. All data update daily as more information becomes available. <strong>B. HOW THE DATASET IS CREATED</strong> Case information is based on confirmed positive laboratory tests reported to the City. The City then completes quality assurance and other data verification processes. This data may not be immediately available for recently reported cases because of the time needed to process tests and validate cases. Daily case totals on previous days may increase or decrease. <a href="">Learn more</a>. Data are continually updated to maximize completeness of information and reporting on San Francisco residents with COVID-19. <strong>C. UPDATE PROCESS</strong> Updates automatically at 05:00 AM Pacific Time each day. Redundant runs are scheduled at 07:00 AM and 09:00 AM in case of pipeline failure. Dataset will not update on the business day following any federal holiday. <strong>D. HOW TO USE THIS DATASET</strong> This dataset shows new cases and cumulative cases by specimen collection date. Specimen collection date is the date the positive test was collected (the date the person was tested). New cases are the count of cases where the positive tests were collected on that specific specimen collection date. Cumulative cases are the running total of all San Francisco cases up to the specimen collection date listed. Use <a href="">the Cases by Population Characteristics dataset</a> to see cases by different subgroups including race/ethnicity, age, gender, and homelessness.
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