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The Department of Public Health and the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, with support from the Planning Department, created these 41 neighborhoods by grouping 2010 Census tracts, using common real estate and residents’ definitions for the purpose of providing consistency in the analysis and reporting of socio-economic, demographic, and environmental data, and data on City-funded programs and services. These neighborhoods are not codified in Planning Code nor Administrative Code, although this map is referenced in Planning Code Section 415 as the “American Community Survey Neighborhood Profile Boundaries Map." This dataset is produced by assigning Census tracts to neighborhoods based on existing neighborhood definitions used by Planning and MOHCD. A qualitative assessment is made to identify the appropriate neighborhood for a given tract based on understanding of population distribution and significant landmarks. Once all tracts have been assigned a neighborhood, the tracts are dissolved to produce this dataset, Analysis Neighborhoods. It's companion dataset of all Census tracts assigned a neighborhood is available here:
Geographic Locations and Boundaries
neighborhoods, census, demographics
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